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Which is again behind the cut due to suicidal thoughts, violence against self and others and a bit of swearing.

She lead him back to his room and got him settled. “You might want to take a shower Charles. You’re rather ripe.” She said with a sniff. Charles laughed and promised to clean up.

He took a long shower. Just enjoying the feeling of the warm water cascading on his skin. He left the bathroom for his bedroom only to find that he had a visitor. He took the towel he had been using to towel dry his hair and wrapped it around his waist.

“Erik” he said moving carefully to his dresser to get some clothes.

“How did you know it was me?” asked Erik.

“Felt like you. You have a different…well…vibe than the others.”

“Can you sense my thoughts?”

Charles put on a pair of boxers and removed the towel. He turned to where he thought Erik was and put two fingers to his temple. “No. Nothing.”

“Then how do you know where I am standing?”

Charles had to stop and think about it. Because Erik had moved and Charles hadn’t heard him do so. He turned his head towards the window and then back to the room. He couldn’t see Erik but he sense something that was Erik-like.

“It’s hard to explain. I can’t see you but I can sort of see your…..spirit? Life Essence?”

Erik made a huh noise as if processing what Charles was saying but not quite believing it.

“Do you still want me to kill you?”

That caught Charles off guard. “No! Why would I want that? Where there is life there is hope and all that twaddle. The headaches have been bad but not that bad.”

“So you don’t remember...”Erik said thoughtfully.

“Here is what I remember. A very bright light came bursting through my eyeballs and I heard a cacophony of noises that I couldn’t sort out. It got worse and the next thing I knew I woke up in the infirmary. “

“How do you feel right now?”

“I have a bloody rotten headache and I am very hungry. How’s about you?”

“At least put some pants on before going to the kitchen”

Charles went to his closet and pulled out a pair of slacks. He counted the steps in his head to the chair and put his hand out to make sure it was there. He sat down and put on his pants. He then counted his way back to the dresser and pulled out an undershirt and put that on. He crosses to the closet and grabs a shirt. He assumes that it is white because he had Raven sort his closet out for him by color. He turns to Erik who had moved again. “Shall we?”

Erik offers his arm to Charles and they go down to the kitchen.

Charles notices that he can figure out where people are. Objects are still a mystery but at least something seems to be coming back to him. He could feel the tension in the kitchen when he entered.

Then some images came into his head.

He saw himself in the middle of the kitchen with a knife fighting Alex who was keeping Charles from stabbing himself. There was blood on the floor. Alex got a pretty bad cut before Erik just took the metal knife away with a thought.

Charles was screaming “You HAVE to KILL ME! I can’t live like this anymore.” His eyes seemed to be glowing from light within. “It’s too much.” He stepped forward and slipped in the blood on the floor hitting the floor hard. Alex tackled him with Sean and the two of them carried the struggling Charles Xavier out of the room.

Charles was ashamed.

Erik guided him to a chair and helped him sit down. Charles tried to look around and said “I’m sorry. I haven’t been myself lately.”

Alex gave a barking laugh, “That’s the understatement of the year Professor.”

“Are you alright Alex?”

Sean replied “17 stitches in his arm because of you.”

“Sean” said Alex in a warning tone “We agreed.”

“Screw that! How do we know that he is all here? Or if we are going to have to play another round of hunt the Professor?”

Charles felt Raven entering the room “It’s Charles. Out of all of you, I would know. Dark Charles didn’t feel like this.”

“Dark Charles?” asked Xavier.

“It’s Raven’s nickname for your psycho self. You are a dirty fight Professor” said Alex “and that’s saying something considering some of the people I had to fight in prison.”

Alex put a plate with a sandwich in front of him along with a large glass of water. Charles figured out from the noise that everyone was making food and sitting down around the table.

“What time is it?” he asked.

“1 o’clock.” Said Sean.

“AM or PM?”

“Afternoon” said Erik.

Charles ate the sandwich which tasted better to him than any other sandwich he had ever eaten. He followed that up with an apple and some cheese.

“You might want to slow down Charles, “said Raven “You haven’t had much to eat recently and you don’t want to be sick.”

“Sometimes my dear, you worry too much” said Charles looking towards his adopted sister.

“Hey” said Sean “I thought you couldn’t see!”

“I can’t. But I seem to be able to sense where people are and who they are.”

“So Hank was right” said Raven.

Hank walked in “Right about what?”

“Charles’ brain is trying to heal itself. He can sense us now” said Raven

“Doesn’t help much with the furniture” said Sean.

Charles stomach seem to be in knots all of the sudden.

“Professor?” asked Alex.

“Charles!” said Erik rather loudly.

Charles found himself throwing up and falling at the same time as the white light burned his eyeballs and the sound of the crowd roared in his head. The last thing he heard was Raven “I told him he was eating too fast.” And the world blew up.
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