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Author Note:
I suffer from ocular migraines and have had since childhood. I also can’t take a whole list of drugs for them because my body decided that it had to be allergic to a component in many of the more powerful drugs so I have learned over time how to deal with them. So this is the migraine from my perspective which may be different from other forms of migraines. For one thing I have two forms of migraines. The ocular ones are annoying but usually are accompanied by a minor if that headache and they tend to go away as fast as they arrive. The other is the “put me in a very dark room and leave me alone type that leaves me sensitive to everything and anything. Fortunately I seem to have most of that under control now.

I am upping the effects on poor Charles to an extreme point that really don’t happen to most sufferers of these types of headaches. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

It started with just a headache after a prolong session with Cerebro. Charles didn’t think much of it. He had dealt with headaches his whole life and chalked it up to a side effect of his mutation. Headaches were part of life for him. A couple of aspirin and some coffee or tea and he could put everything back to a dull roar that he could stand. If that didn’t work, a dark quiet room with a good drink and some more aspirin did it.

He kept at it trying to keep his pain from projecting to the others around him. He could see concern on Erik’s face but Charles’ smiled and tried to cheer his friend up with a couple of quips. Afterwards he went to bed and drew the curtains closed tight.

The next morning everything seemed back on an even keel. His head felt fine and he was ready for another session with Hank’s magical device. He was looking forward to it. He enjoyed touching that many minds and seeing how many mutants were really out there. He had felt alone for so long and then it seemed to be just him and Raven. Now he knew that there were 100s of mutants out there. Some knew they had abilities and others were clueless.

Erik looked at him with some concern.

“What?” asked Charles.

“Are you sure you are up for this?” asked Erik.

“Yes. Right as rain, Erik. You do worry too much sometimes.”

“Apparently you haven’t looked in a mirror this morning. You look like you went 10 rounds with Cassius Clay.”

Charles chuckled, “I’m fine Erik. I promise you that if I were not, we would take the data that have and go with that.”

Erik gave him a look that didn’t need him to read any thoughts. Erik didn’t like this situation at all.

They went to join Hank in the chamber. Hank hooked Charles up and they spent another couple hours gathering data on mutants around the world. Hank turned the machine off and Charles fell forward catching himself on the railing in front of him.

“Charles!” both Hank and Erik yelled.

Charles held up and hand and brought himself back to his feet “I’m all right. I’m all right. Just got a little dizzy there.”

Erik gave him a hand and helped him down the steps and back to the compound.

“Charles, this is foolishness.”

Charles decided to try to distract him “Chess tonight? My room?”

Erik’s face didn’t brighten at all but he said “You’re on. I’ll bring the drinks. And Charles, I know what you are trying to do. This conversation is not over.”

After dinner the two men went to Charles’ room and set up the chess board where they had left it. Charles was contemplating his next move when he noticed something odd. His left eye wasn’t focusing. He closed it and could see out of the right eye.

“Squinting is not going to help you Charles. Your Queen is in danger of being taken.” Erik said with a laugh.

Charles opened his left eye and closed his right, In the middle of his left eye there was a blind spot and it seemed to be increasing quickly. He quelled the panic rising in his chest. He opened his right eye only to find that there was a blind spot there as well with a serious light show going on. The panic just increased. There was a roaring in his ears as the world went dark with pretty light patterns shooting across the dark.

He felt himself being shaken and heard Erik say “Charles! Charles!” He tried to look in Erik’s direction but couldn’t figure out where his friend was.

“Erik. Please stop shaking me. It is only making it worse.”

“Charles what’s wrong.”

“Well to be honest, I can’t see a bloody thing.” He felt Erik wave his hand in front of his face. He tried to keep his voice as calm as possible but it was hard to keep the panic from it.

“Stay there. I’ll get help.”

Charles sat in the chair when the headache hit like someone hit him upside the head with a brick in a sock. He let out a yell and pitched out of the chair clutching his head.

He could hear people saying his name and shaking him. He just wanted them to leave him alone. He tried to focus his thoughts but he couldn’t. He was worried that he would hurt someone by projecting. He then felt someone pick him up and carry him to his bed. He heard curtains being drawn. There was a needle prick at his arm and all went to blackness.


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