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Author Note:

This is sort of a sequel to The Professor and the Doctor where I mash Dr. Who with X-men. You don't have to read one to get the other.

There is not even any language in this one just some serious drinking.

It is about 1450 words and thus behind a cut to save my friends pages.

I hope you enjoy it and I do love commentary.

Much to Raven’s consternation, she observed Charles yet again scoping out the women at the pub.

“Jeez Charles, give it a rest. You’re not bringing anyone back to the rooms so you need to find someone with somewhere for you to go. I’m not giving up my sleep so you can have some rumpy pumpy fun. Remember what happened last time.”

Charles blushed slightly. That had been a bit of an error. He could, under normal circumstances, not project anything but he had been a bit plastered so he had lost control in more ways than one.

“I promise no girls at the rooms tonight.”

Raven rolled her eyes “Well I’m going home such as it is. You have to assist with a class tomorrow so I wouldn’t stay out too late if I were you.”

“Well you are not me and I am a big boy so don’t worry.”

She hit him upside the head as she got up.

“Ouch! What was that for?”

“To remind you not to be a jerk in the morning” she said as her parting shot.

Charles sat back in his chair and rubbed the back of his head where Raven had made contact. He couldn’t figure out what had gotten into her recently. Maybe she was having that time of the month or something because she was not being any fun. He took the finally sip from his pint and crossed to the bar to get another all the while carefully scoping out the women in the room to see if he had a shot with any of them. Married, dating seriously, fiancé, not into guys, boy the picking were slim tonight. Then he spotted her sitting just out of the way in a little alcove. He lightly touched her mind and found resistance?

‘Naughty, naughty Charles, you should at least buy a girl a drink first before picking through her brain.’

Charles almost dropped the glass in his hand ‘?’ he thought

‘They have a very nice brandy on the top shelf. Be a love and get me one please?’

After Charles worked his way out of his stunned state that someone else was talking in his head to him, he went to the bar and got himself another pint and a glass of the brandy which cost a pretty penny but he didn’t care. He had to find out what was going on.
He sat down across from a very lovely red head. She seemed a little old to be hanging around in college pubs but she also seem to belong here. She was making notes in a rather odd looking blue book. He put two fingers to his temple and did a slight scan. The images coming back made no sense to him at all. He saw alien worlds, strange creatures, and a mysterious blue box that had something both wonderful and frightening in it.

‘Now Charles, it is not polite to poke around in someone’s head without permission. Beside Spoilers. You really don’t want to be in here. And, darling, you really need a new pick up line beside groovy mutation.’ And she pushed back with a little force causing Charles to spill his beer.

“How can you do that?” asked Charles.

“How can you?” said the Lady.

“I think you know the answer to that. I haven’t met anyone like you.”

“Red head?”


“Oh sweetie I am many things but not a telepath. More of an empath.”

“Why are you here?”

“Well, a good friend told me to look you up if I was ever in this century.”

Charles was even more baffled and came to the rapid conclusion that the woman must be crazy.

“Now you are thinking I am crazy.”

‘Get out of my head’ he thought hard.

“See how annoying it is to have someone in your head?” she said with a laugh.

“Why did you have to meet me?” he asked.

“Sometimes it is more fun to meet people before they come into their own. And you Charles are soon going to do so.”

“Since you know the future, am I going to finish my paper on time?”

“Yes, and with honors as well. Charles you are probably the most powerful mind on the planet. We were lucky that you chose to use your gifts for the good of mankind because the alternative is too horrible to think of.”

“Were lucky? That’s an odd choice of phrase.”

“You haven’t figured it out yet? I’m a time traveler and depending where you stand I am either from the future or the distant past.”

A million questions formed in Charles’ mind at once.

She held up a hand and said, “Spoilers. We must avoid spoilers.”

“You are the most confounding woman I ever met” said Charles with a big grin. He finished up his pint and motioned to the waitress that he wanted another.

“Oh I don’t think you want to do that” said the mysterious lady.

“Why ever not?”

“Because I slipped something into your drink when you weren’t looking. All this is going to seem like a dream tomorrow.”

Charles stood up quickly and almost knocked over the table. He could feel his head spinning and the ground a little shaky under his feet. The woman stood up, took his arm and put it over her shoulder steadying him a bit.

“Oh Charles, few too many tonight I think” she said rather loudly “Let me get you home.”

Charles tried to speak but felt like his tongue was two sizes too big for his mouth. She guided him out of the pub and up the street towards his college. She got him back to his rooms and pulled out a cylinder out of her pocket. There was an odd humming noise in the air. He heard the bolt move and the door seemed to open on its own. Somewhere in his mind he remember hearing that sound before but it was a man standing next to him or was it? She brought him into his bed room and helped him out of his clothes.

“My you are a tasty morsel aren’t you?” she said in frank appreciation of his body. “Ah well, mustn’t touch.”

‘Who are you?’ he thought hard through the haze of his rapidly numbing brain.

“Oh I am sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. I am River Song and I am very happy to have met you Charles Xavier. The Doctor is right, you are a cute drunk.”

The Doctor rang a bell and images came to him unbidden of things best not seen or heard.

River looked sad “I am sorry about that. I mention him and things tend to bleed over a bit.”

Charles then caught another image of a sunny beach with debris all around him. He is being held carefully by a man in an odd helmet. He feels a sense of sadness in the image.

“What?” he starts to ask when River kisses him with a long passionate kiss making him forget the question.

“As I said dear, spoilers. We must avoid spoilers.” She covered him with a quilt he had at the end of the bed and said “Now go to sleep.” Charles found himself complying and shortly he was off in dreamland.

River watched Charles sleep for a bit. Then she went back out and locked the front door to the rooms. She left the college, sniffed the wind and went to her left. She walked a bit before getting to a large blue box. The box opened and she went inside.

“So?” said the man standing at the controls.

“You are right. He is all that and more. I pity him though. He is about to fall head long into the rest of his life without a safety net.”

“You know the rules.”

“Yes, yes I do. Time to take me home I think.”

The man nodded and flipped a couple of switches and the blue box vanished from the face of the Earth.

Charles woke the next morning with a headache and very little memory of what had happened the night before. He couldn’t tell Raven how he had made it in without the key again because he had no idea what he did. He did have a passing memory of a lovely red head who had been good company the evening before but that was all. He pulled himself together and went to teach his class. On his way he passed a police box which he stopped and stared at a bit with his brain trying to latch onto something but it couldn’t. He shook his head and went up the hill to his lecture.
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