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The next morning he sought Hank out. Out of all the people here, Hank was the one that could be trusted to keep a secret and keep the place in hand while Erik tried to help Charles. He explained to Hank what had been going on. While Hank had suspected something of that nature, he really didn’t have any proof and besides what could he really do against Charles’ abilities. They came up with a plan and Erik left with Azazel to get everything ready. Hank promised to keep an eye on Charles while he was gone.

Preparations took a day or so and Erik came back to the mansion. Charles was out on the patio enjoying the warmth of the fall afternoon sun. He seemed to be dozing.

“Charles” he said.

Charles’ head snapped around. “What are you doing here?” came the flat tone.

“Charles, I’m sorry but you are going to have to come with me.”


Erik scooped Charles up out of his chair and Azazel popped in with military precision and bamfed them elsewhere. He then prompted bamfed before Charles could orient himself as to what was going on leaving Erik holding Charles on a beach. Charles pushed away hard from Erik tumbling into the soft sand. He flipped onto to his back and looked daggers at Erik.

“What have you done Erik? Where are we?”

“In reverse order, we are at Shaw’s secret island base and I have kidnapped you with the permission of your students.”

“You did what?”

“Charles, you are not well.”

Charles laughed a dry laugh and said, “Tell me something I don’t know.”

“I want to help you.”

“Have you discovered that you have a new mutant power of time travel and you can go back and stop this from happening?” he gestured towards his legs. “Can your magnetic power allow me to walk again?”


“Then how the hell are you going to help me Erik? You of all people should understand that some hurts go too deep for healing.”

“I don’t believe that of you.”

“You don’t?” Charles laughed a harsh laugh, “Oh, that’s a good one my friend. You grab me against my will and you are giving me a pep talk? About how everything is going to be all right? That I can overcome all this adversity just like I have been doing my whole bleeding life? I can make a difference! It that the talk you had in mind? Erik I can’t walk. I can’t stand up and greet a lady. I can’t decide to go somewhere on a whim. Everything in my life had become a production to just do the basics for human survival. I have one of the most powerful brains on the planet and I can’t fix this.” He said placing his hands on his legs and squeezing hard.

Erik knelt beside him and grabbed his hands “That my friend is your problem. You can’t fix everything Charles. But right now, we need to help fix you.” He scooped up the man from the sand and took him to the bungalow just off of the beach.


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