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OK we are about the half way point in this one. There are still the warnings in place about this fic.

Please remember that this is a work of fiction and even thought my mind can go to these strange places, this in no way reflects my current relationships.

Erik tried to comfort Charles in the dark. He had to be so careful in touching the man since the goons had done quite a number on his back and legs. Charles whimpered at his touch but didn’t pull away. Erik started talking softly to Charles. Telling him that things would be all right. That they had been through worse, which he figured they both knew was a lie but right now he was trying to make Charles feel better. Hr did everything he could to project good thoughts and feelings to Charles in hopes that some of it got through. He felt Charles slip into a deep sleep and figured that was the best place for him right now. Erik felt around for some metal. Any metal that he could use to get them out of there. There was some but it was very far away and he was not in any shape to pull it to him. He settled next to Charles on the cold stone floor and plotted the demise of the men who had done this to them.

He awoke feeling that familiar feeling of Charles just inside his head.

‘Charles?’ he tentatively thought.

He didn’t get a thought but rather a feeling of comfort. Whatever they had done to Charles had turned his powers from telepath to empathy.

Charles said quietly out loud, “Can’t think straight. Must have doses us with some drug. Head feels like I have been through a bottle of scotch or two.”

Erik replied, “Can you move?”

“Barely. Is there a way out?”

“Not yet. But soon I hope.”

He heard a dry chuckle from the man next to him “Hope. Funny word coming from you in this situation.”

Then a bright shaft of sunlight cut into the room from overhead. Both men gasped and covered their eyes from the sudden brightness in the room. There wasn’t much to see. It was a round stone room with a large wooden door. Erik took it for some sort of storage room. He looked at Charles who was trying to sit up without sitting on his marked body which was impossible. He then realized that both of them were naked.

“Damn” said Charles “They took my Rolex. I really like that watch.”

Erik had to laugh at the ludicrousness of that statement. Here they are at the mercy of some madmen and Charles is worried about his watch?

“Good” came a voice through at the door. “You are awake so we can begin again.”

The two men heard the hiss of gas and quickly fell unconscious. Erik’s last thought was of Charles and how he had to get him out of there by any means necessary.

Erik came to and found himself tied to a chair by leather bindings that were quite secure. He found himself looking at Charles bound to the pommel horse again but this time there was no metal only wood, rope and leather. The goons were also wearing no metal. They didn’t even have it in their teeth. There was nothing for him to grab onto. They had brought him into the room that he had watched them torture Charles in. He tried to calm the panic that was coming into his mind but it was hard to put two thoughts together. Charles picked up his head and looked at him with dull eyes. They had drugged him to the gills apparently and gagged him again.

“We are going to try something a little different today gentleman. I am going to give Erik a choice and, depending on how good a boy he is, that will decide what happens to the Herr Doctor today” said the head goon. Erik’s memory popped the name Hans to the face. Hans was a nasty piece of work indeed. He got off on the pain of others in such a way that now the only way he could get off was causing pain. Heinz was there again. The other two goons he didn’t recognize but they were about his age so they were probably just starting in the camps when the Allies freed them.

Hans took a riding crop and placed the tip on Erik’s knee. “This is simple Erik. You do what we want with your friend here and we won’t. You can spare him some pain but not all pain or we will step in and do it ourselves. You remember how to play this game don’t you?”

Erik shuttered at the thought. In the camp, he had been worked over by other prisoners who’s lives have been forfeit if they didn’t hurt him. They had tried to make him participate but he managed to avoid the very thing they were going to force him to do now. Then from inside his mind he heard a very faint voice ‘don’t worry about me. Save yourself.’ He looked at Charles who was looking back at him with vacant blue eyes but with something there that had not been before.

“So Erik, are you going to cooperate?”

He nodded slightly. “Good boy. You didn’t want to know what was going to happen to your friend if you didn’t. Herr Schmidt just wants the telepath alive but he didn’t say in how many pieces.”

Erik shuttered slightly at the thoughts running through his head.

First they shot him up but this time the drug didn’t send him to a happy place, it just made it that much harder to focus on anything. Then they put a leather choke collar around his neck before releasing his arms and legs. They made sure he knew that they could choke the life out of him in a minute. They did the same to Charles.

“Now I think we should pick up where we left off” said Hans and he handed Erik the riding crop. “You know what you must do.”

Erik could see Charles bracing himself for what was to come. He took the riding crop and started the slow beating of his friend. He mentally apologized for each and every blow. He was methodical about it because he didn’t want to give them any cause to take over. He could hear and see Charles try to suppress his muffled cries but that was not to be.

“Faster” came the order and Erik complied. They had him change to various whips and floggers that re-opened wounds from the previous day and created new ones. Charles was a bloody mess when they made him stop.

They sat him back down in the chair and tied him up again. Charles weakly raised his head and looked at Erik with such sadness.

Another glass needle when into his leg and one into his arm. They shot up Charles as well. All of the sudden he had a serious erection. He tried to make it go away but he couldn’t.

The goons complimented him in the most crud terms of his large cock. He had a bad feeling of what was going to happen next.

They stood him up and lead him by the choke collar to Charles’ head.

“Fuck his pretty mouth Erik.”

Erik balked at the idea and was beaten for his trouble. They forced him in front of Charles again and this time he complied. He fuck Charles in the mouth as if their lives depended on it and he had a feeling it did. They then had him fuck Charles up the ass but he couldn’t come. Whatever drug it was, it kept him hard without release. He felt Charles shiver under him with fear and he could smell the terror. Eventually to his shame he came in Charles’ ass. They poured buckets of water over them and threw them back into the cold round stone room.


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