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The prompt from 1st class kink

Erik and Charles go through a truly horrific experience together (Captured together, tortured, whatever - up to you!) and are so traumatised by the memories that Charles can't bear Erik's suffering and wipes Erik's memory of the event. The only problem is that he can't do the same thing to his own memories and is stuck, with no-one who knows what they went through. Cue angst!

of course, Erik is bound to find out =D

can be AU with no beach scene or not, the erasure of memories can be with erik's consent or not, but I really want him to find out eventually. Whether he is furious or not is up to you.

I am putting this one behind the cut. With major warnings for non-consensual sex, torture, drug use, alcohol use and abuse, and very rough sex. This one is very dark and very fucked up.

They opened a curtain for him so he could see into the room that he had seen on the monitor. He could see the man struggling against the metal bonds and he pulled the chains tighter. The hooded man groaned and went limp. The initial fight seem to have gone out of him.

There were four men in the room. They were all wearing uniforms that were all too familiar to Erik. He tried to focus on the faces but the sweet drug made it hard to think or even move much.

“So,” said one of the goons, “ have you given any thought to our offer?”

The man made a strangled sound like he was trying to talk through a gag.

The goon nodded to another one of the men who was behind the bound man. He picked up a cane from the corner and turned to the man. He laid the cane lightly on his buttocks just so the man could feel the weight and temperament of it. He then swung back and lashed the cane across the lower buttocks of the man. There was a strangled scream from the hood and the man started to struggle again. The cane was placed carefully and precisely across the man’s back side and legs. The sound was like a bullet crack each time with a cry of pain to follow. When the cries stopped the goon watching the hood man carefully put up his hand and the cane ceased it blows.

They splashed a bucket of water over the man which washed away some of the blood from the caning. His head pulled up and there was another strangled scream.

The goon in front nodded, “This is not good Herr Doctor. We need you here for this to work.”

Erik’s mind tried to work. Herr Doctor? He couldn’t put the pieces together. They gave him another dose and his mind slipped back to watching the scene in front of him.

The front goon said “Heinz, your turn with this piece of filth.”

Heinz grinned a big grin and from his belt pulled a quirt with metal tips at the ends of the split. He proceeded to beat the man’s back to a bloody mess with typical German efficiency only stopping to revive the man several times.

Creeping in to Erik’s brain was a feeling of dread and fear. He could hear someone whispering in his ear, ‘Hold it together. Must hold it together.”

The two goons that had been sitting on the bench started rubbing their genitals and grinning like loons.

The watcher goon motioned to the men on the bench. One unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out rubbing it making it hard and long. He stood behind the man and placed his cock on the man’s bloody ass. The man tried to jerk away but the goon spread his ass checks with one hand while guiding his cock to the man’s asshole with the other. He thrust and missed once because the man managed to shift out of the way. The goon in front slapped the side of the man’s hood. And the goon be behind thrust his way violently.

Erik heard the whispering in his head get a little louder “No. Nonononononoo!” came the frantic thought. Erik could feel the pain that the man was feeling all of the sudden and he cried out in response. The needle pierced his arm again and the voice went to the back of his head but it was still there.

He watched the man being fucked hard from behind. There was struggle now and more muffled cries of pain from the hood.

The other goon who had been playing with himself walked to the front of the man as the watching goon loosened the hood. They rolled it up exposing the man’s mouth and chin. The mouth had a gag in it that was removed. The hooded man screamed his fear and terror. Pleading and begging to make it stop please make it stop. But they did not relent. The goon grabbed the man’s head and stopped his pleas by shoving his cock in the man’s mouth. The watching goon purred, “You better be good my friend. If he feels any teeth, we’ll knock them out for you.” The man seemed to go limp and give in to the violation from both sides. There were occasional moans and grunts as they went about their task. The first two finished up to their climax and switched out with the other two.

The watcher goon said, “I want to see your tears Herr Doctor.” And he removed the hood before starting on the man’s mouth again. The last goon started fucking the man while slapping his ass hard causing whimpers of pain to emerge from the man’s throat.

Erik looked almost clinically at the scene. They had shaved the man’s head. There were nicks and cuts all over the dome. He had not lost his hair willingly. Then a feeling of terror filled his stomach and all the euphoria slipped away. He realized that the man they had strapped to the horse was Charles. He started to grip the metal that was binding Charles when he felt another glass needle in his arm and all went to black.


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