Jul. 22nd, 2011

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Author Note:
This is in Marvel Terms a “what if” that takes place on the beach. What if the coin through Shaw’s skull caused another events to happen? So we are pre-divorce in this one but only by a hair

The feeling of the coin entering Shaw’s skull was painful. Charles could feel the panic in Shaw’s mind as the coin headed towards him. Shaw’s mind was a wild animal willing to gnaw its own leg off to get out of the trap. Charles focus harder on controlling Shaw. Then he started to scream for Shaw as Shaw could not. The coin ripped through Shaw’s head and Charles’ consciousness at the same time. When it dropped out the other end Charles felt Shaw’s life end and he passed out.

Raven saw him go down like a bag of rocks. He struck his head on the metal frame of the Blackbird. She ran over to him. His eyes were open but rolled back into his head. She checked to make sure that he was still alive. He was breathing but it was shallow. Moria came over and the two women tried to make him comfortable on the metal that was the roof of the upside down Blackbird.

Raven left Charles with Moria and went out to get Hank. She saw Erik bring Shaw’s body out for everyone to see and make his declaration.

“You BASTARD!” She screamed at Erik “Do you know what you just did?”

Erik looked at her and in an instant he understood. He ran to the Blackbird to find Moria tending to Charles as best she could.

“We need to get him to a hospital” she said to Erik. The unspoken question was ‘what the hell did you do to him’? Erik nodded and went back outside and got everyone together. They went into the Blackbird and Azazel took them to Shaw’s secret base in Las Vegas just as the bombs hit the beach blowing up what was left of the sub and the plane. The humans believed that they had gotten rid of their mutant problem in one swift blow. Agent McTaggart was written off as collateral damage.

Charles awoke in the dark. He had to gather himself for a moment to remember what had happened. A voice startled him.

“Charles, can you hear me?”

It took him a moment to process whose voice it was. Erik that was the name attached with the voice.

“Yes “he said, “I can hear you. Why is it so dark?” Why did his voice sound so strange to him?

There was a pause. “Charles, it’s mid-afternoon.” Came a female voice. It took him a moment but he could put Moria’s face to the voice.

He could feel a hand waving in front of his face but try as he might, he could see nothing. He reached with his mind and then total panic set in. He couldn’t feel or read anyone’s thoughts. He tried to sit up but hands were keeping him down.

“Charles, Charles! You have got to calm down” came Erik’s voice. “Moria go get the Doctor and Hank right now.”

Charles heard footsteps walking away “Erik I can’t see. I can’t see!”

“It will be alright Charles” came his friend’s soothing tones but Charles was not going to be sooth.

He howled “I CAN’T SEE YOU AT ALL!!!”

“Charles, can you see my thoughts?”

Charles felt tears streaming down his face. For the first time in a very very long time he was alone in his thoughts. “No. I can’t sense you at all.”

Erik swore softly in German. “I’m here Charles. I will not leave you.”

Charles swallowed his fear and tried to calm his panicked mind but it was so hard. He felt Erik take his hand and he held onto Erik for dear life. Erik murmured words of comfort but Charles felt totally lost.


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