Jul. 16th, 2011

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The return to the world was slow and not much fun. He had some recollection of some strange dream where he was lying in Erik’s arms on a beach and Erik looked down at him with such concern. Something was wrong but he couldn’t figure out what.

He let out a groan and heard “Charles?” rather tentatively from his friend Erik. He felt that his hand was being held by someone. It took him a moment to regroup and figure out it was Erik’s hand in his. The touch sent both pain and pleasure through his nervous system. What was going on with him?

“Why is the world dark?”

“You don’t remember?”

“Bits and pieces but it seems like a nightmare. And, if I could ask, could you take the volume down a bit, my whole head feels very fragile.” He thought for a moment and said “Did we have another drinking contest?” He heard a low chuckle.

He felt a cool cloth being put on his head. That did make things feel better.

“Charles,” Erik said dropping his voice to almost a whisper, “As near as we can figure out you have an ocular migraine and probably a basilar migraine on top of that. Although the symptoms seem to be much more severe that what happens to most people. But when have you done anything in halves?”

“And my vision?”

“That’s one of the things that they are still sorting out. If it runs true to form, you should be fine but…”


“Well we haven’t been able to figure out if the episode has passed or not.”

Charles felt the cloth being removed, dipped into something, wrung out and re-applied. He relaxed at the touch of the cool cloth.

“I can’t see anything right now but I can say that the light show behind my eyes stopped.”

“We darkened the room to protect you. You have been projecting a bit. Darkening the room seems to let you relax and we were running out of aspirin to hand out to everyone here in the complex.”

Charles felt embarrassed. He thought he had himself under control and to be undone by a little head pain.

“It wasn’t a little head pain Charles. I wanted to claw my brain from my skull. I don’t know how you could stand it.”

Charles focused and damped down his projecting. He felt ashamed that he put others through his hell.

“Had them all my life” he replied “Just thought it was normal.”

“No. That is not normal in the least but now we can do something about it. And no more Cerebro until we figure out how.”

Charles nodded and then regretted the motion. “Ow.”

He heard a light knock at the door.

Erik said “Come in.”

The door opened and much to Charles’ relief he could see the outline of the person coming into the room.

“I can see!” he said in triumph and then winced at the sound of his own voice.

“Well that’s a start” said the man in the door “Professor Xavier, I am Dr. Lancaster. I am a neurologist who specialized in migraines and other brain disorders.” He closed the door plunging the room back into darkness. He turned on a small flashlight and made his way to Charles’ bed.

“Let’s see how you are doing.” He took the flashlight and shown it into Charles’ eyes.

Charles was most grateful that he could see the light being shown in his eyes even if it was a bit bright and painful.

“I think it would be alright to turn on a lamp in here” said Dr. Lancaster.

Erik crossed to the dresser and turned on a small lamp. Charles blinked a bit and looked around just grateful to be able to see his room.

“Do you still have a headache?” asked the Doctor.

“Dull roar right now. But everything seems so….”


Charles nodded.

“That may take a day or so to sort out. You had quite an episode.”

Charles focused on Erik who looked rumpled. Charles couldn’t remember a time he had seen Erik rumpled.

“How long?”

“Two days” said Erik.

“We had to sedate you for one of them due to your….abilities” Dr. Lancaster said carefully.

Charles felt even more shame. “Sorry about that. I am usually much more under control.”

“So I understand. Fortunately Mr. Lensherr seem to be able to get through to you.”

Charles tried to move his legs and found it hard to do so.

“After effects of the narcotics,” said Erik.

“It will wear off soon. I’ll leave you in Mr. Lensherr’s capable hands. Just take it easy for a while and I strongly suggest that you limit your use of Cerebro to no more than an hour a day if that.” Dr. Lancaster left the room closing the door quietly behind him.

Erik took the cloth off of Charles’ head and dipped it in the bowl next to the bed, wrung it out and replaces it.

“Thank you” said Charles.

Erik shrugged “It was nothing. I use to do the same thing for my mother when she got bad headaches.”

Charles got a quick glance at Erik helping his mother when his father was at work until Erik shut it down.

He took Erik’s hand in his own and though carefully ‘No Erik. Really thank you. You kept me balanced. Somehow I knew you were there for me.’

Erik leaned in and kissed Charles on the cheek “How could I not? Now rest.” He left Charles to recover and went to tell the others that the Professor was fine.


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