Jul. 7th, 2011

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For a time Erik did not visit Charles. The last words out of his mouth had cut deep. Not all wounds are visible. Christmas passed into the New Year and Erik resisted the urge to see Charles but when spring arrived, He gave into the impulse. This time he sent a note to Charles to ask if he would care for a game of chess. Charles got the reply back to him through Emma who looked a little concerned.

“Did he play around in you head trying to grab information?”

“No, he has to be the most polite telepath on the planet but something felt wrong.”

“Trap wrong?”

She shook her head “Not that. I can’t really place my finger on it but be careful. All is not as it seems.”

Azazel brought him to the patio where he found Charles outside in the night air with the chessboard and drinks ready to go. There were some candles lit so they could see the board.

“It’s a nice night. I thought we might play out here if you don’t mind.”

“You are the host Charles” as he sat down across from Charles and they started to play. Erik found the silence a little uncomfortable but couldn’t figure out how to break the ice.

Charles shifted in his chair. “Erik, I am sorry for my parting shot last time. It was rude and uncalled for. I was not feeling quite myself.”

“I accept your apology Charles. Shall we agree to disagree in our methods but agree that we want to save our species?”

Charles nodded and everything felt better in the world. They tentatively went on to small chat about the world and politics which were changing rapidly. Charles speculated that eventually the Soviet Union was going collapse under its own weight. The game went swiftly until Azazel popped in to get Erik. They agreed to meet again same time next week and shook hands on the bargain.

That was the rest of the spring and most of the summer. There were misses due to either his or Charles’ adventures but they tried to keep the promise they made to each other.

Erik was getting ready to go see Charles when Emma knocked at his door.

“Come” he said.

She entered the room and flopped down on the couch. “Something is seriously wrong with your pet telepath.”

“Why Emma? Have I done something to offend you?”

She rolled her eyes and said “Not me you idiot. Charles. Something is very wrong with Charles.”

“What do you mean?”

She shifted on the couch a little uncomfortably.

“Emma” said Erik with an edge to his voice.

“It’s something I caught by accident when he gave me the time to meet. Have you talked about what happened on the beach?”

“No, we were both there. We can both see the aftermath of that day every time we meet.”

“Does he seem adjusted to what happened?”

“What a strange question. He is Charles Xavier. The only difference is that he is in a wheelchair. He is still the most optimistic bastard on the planet even after all that has happened.”

Emma said “I would look a little closer Magneto. I don’t think your friend is showing you his true face.”

And with that little puzzle, she exited the room. Leaving Erik wondering about his friend’s mental health.


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