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From a prompt for the 5th round of the 1stClassKinkMeme
Post-movie story:

The Divorce happened but after few weeks/months Erik came back to Charles. He feels guilty about crippling Xavier and tries to earn his (already-given) forgiveness. They're again close friends but they haven't got back yet to being lovers. Erik doesn't want to pressure Charles - and he's very relieved that his dear friend didn't stop being cheerful and full of optimism, that his disability hasn't changed his personality.

One day though Erik sees Charles legs; they look horrible, scarred, covered in bruises, crusts etc.
It turns out that Charles' optimism is just a facade; and that he hurts his "useless" legs when he's stressed, angry or depressed.

H/C please ;__;

It was the chess that he missed the most. Or at least that is what he told himself. His minions were a fine bunch and Azazel turned out to be a chess master, but he missed the other part of the game, the conversation and comradely. He had to keep a distance from the others because he was the leader. He wondered if Charles was having the same problem.

He had gone to the hospital once to see Charles. He had seen him through the window since Charles pretty much had bodyguards 24/7 at the insistence of Agent MacTaggart. He had sent Mystic in to check on him as well. She came back rather upset. She had overheard two of the doctors discussing Charles’ case in low tones at the nurses’ station. He comforted her as she sobbed out the words spinal column trauma, nerve damage, little to no hope for his total recovery, can’t walk. The bullet had taken away more than he knew.

A niggling thought planted in his mind, Charles said that he did this to him. And his rash removal of the bullet could very well caused this trauma that Raven was sobbing about. But the bullet wouldn’t be there in the first place if Moria hadn’t been shooting at him so she shares the blame. He went back and forth in his mind on this.

When Azazel informed him that Charles had returned home, he made a decision to see Charles and apologize to him. He knew that it wouldn’t change anything physically for Charles but it might help them both. In his heart of hearts, he knew he was really being selfish but he didn’t really care.

Azazel popped up next to the garage with him, “This is the least defended entrance at this point. The Professor’s new rooms are on the ground floor towards the back of the house.” Erik oriented himself as to where he was and where he needed to go.

“Give me an hour and then come back for me.”

“I don’t like this Magento. Even with the helmet…”

“It is not your place to like or dislike Azazel.”

Azazel nodded and popped back out.

Erik dropped into stealth mode. This is where he felt the most alive when he was hunting for something. His senses sang and he could feel the metal in the house and in the ground calling to him. He slowly worked his way around the house only to find Charles out on the stone courtyard looking up at the clear winter sky. He stopped and watched Charles for a bit. He looked…well older and a little more world-weary. The wheelchair looked like something that Hank would design. It did Charles a little more height than a regular wheelchair but still the full picture of his friend in the chair hit him more than that he expected.

Then, much to his surprise, Charles seemed to look right at him. He touched his head to make sure that the helmet was still there.

“I know you are there Erik and it is getting rather cold” Charles said “if you want to talk, come inside to the study. It’s a bit warmer there.” He turned his chair and wheeling himself into the house.

He walked through the patio doors into Charles’ study “How did you know?”

Charles tapped the side of his head with two fingers “When I feel a void walking around my property, I am going to assume it is you until proven otherwise.” He grinned that disarming grin that Erik knew too well.

“Charles I’m…I’m so sorry. If I could change what happened you know I would.”

Charles held up his hand in the stop gesture, “Erik, it isn’t your fault or Moria’s fault. It was one of those stupid things that happen during the heat of battle.”

“How bad is it?” asked Erik, “Mystic couldn’t understand the whole chart and the conversation she heard was rather distressing.”

“So I was right. Raven was there a couple of times. Alex owns me a beer” he said with a light hearted chuckle. “I have to admit that the painkillers they gave me at the beginning kept me pretty loopy so I didn’t know if she was there or I was hallucinating.”

“Charles” Erik said carefully.

Charles nodded and said, “Well I can’t feel anything from about the mid-thigh down which is rather lucky all things considered. The trauma to the spine was such that the damage is pretty much assumed to be permanent. Could I ask you to sit down? I am rather tired of straining my neck to see you.”

Erik nodded and sat down in the chair that he had claimed as his during the chess matches in this room.

“Much better,” said Charles, “Do you have the time?” he asked gesturing to the chess board.

Erik looked at his watch. Azazel should be back in about 15 minutes at the garage, “Not tonight but if you wish I could come back tomorrow night and give you a game then.”

Charles smiled and nodded “I’ll see you then.”

Erik turned to leave and he heard Charles say, “Oh and Erik..”

“Yes, Charles?”

“You don’t need the helmet and it must be making a real mess of your hair. I promise that I will not play around in your head at all.”

“It’s not you I am concerned about” said Erik “But I will think about it.”

“Good night my friend.”

“Good night Charles.”

With that Erik left the study and found Azazel waiting for him next to the garage.

“How is he?” asked the Russian.

“He is Charles Xavier” said Erik right before they vanished from the property.


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