Jun. 30th, 2011

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From an 1stclass kink prompt

I don't know why, but I need a fic of Charles crying. And not just single-tear-of-manpain but full-on, hysterical, tears and snot everywhere sobbing.
It can be before the divorce, it can be after, it can be AU, whatever floats your boat. It doesn't matter what he is crying about either, I just need Charles sitting alone and sobbing and maybe Erik coming in and comforting him.

Charles’ head ached from all the thoughts swirling around him. Some were his and some were the people that currently inhabited the mansion. He had been keeping it together just barely. He thought getting out of the hospital would help but it was not the panacea that he wanted it to be. Sending Moria off did nothing to lighten his load if anything the burden was greater since he was the man in charge. The one that everyone depended on. And he was tired of having to be the responsible one. He knew he did it to himself at a very young age when he made his promise to Raven but it has been going on and on and now there were new people he had to take care of.

He was so angry and he had no where for his anger to go. Everyone else got to walk away from the beach relatively intact. Minor cuts and bruises and one broken arm for them. Except him. He didn’t get to walk away at all.

It was so fucking unfair. He was trying to do right and found himself now a cripple. Raven had once railed on him about the fact that his mutation couldn’t be seen. Well his mutation might not be seen but he was now a freak. A person to be pitied by all who see him.

He slammed his hand on the desk and felt the pain go through his arm. He pushed back from the desk and started to punch his useless legs. Nothing. He felt nothing but at the same time he felt everything. He tried to stand up hoping against hope that this time he could will his legs to work and fell forward onto the floor.

He tried to hold it in but the catch in his throat allowed for an inhuman keen to escape from his mouth as he hit the floor and then the floodgates opened up. He felt tears flowing from his face. He pounded the floor in sheer frustration and anger. He didn’t give a fuck who heard him. He was fucking tired of tip-toeing around everyone else’s feelings. Let them feel how he feels. He howled against the injustice of it all. He could feel the snot pouring out of his nose. He wiped it on his sleeve and tried to stem the tied of tears falling from his eyes. But it was not going to happen. He had reached the point of hysteria and didn’t want to come back from it.

Then out of the blue a set of strong hands rolled him over and cradled him. He heard a voice saying how it was going to be all right and that this too shall pass. He laughed at the idea and cried some more. He shouted his anger and pain to the heavens only to find himself being picked up gently and taken to the couch. He found his head being cradled and a song in German was being sung softly to him as if he were a child. He cried until he had no more tears. His nose hurt and his throat was raw. He finally came back to the study all his anger and pain had been washed away. He was finally able to focus on the voice that had been there with him. A face came into shape and he found himself looking into the blue eyes of the man he called once called friend.
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The prompt from1st class kink

Erik and Charles go through a truly horrific experience together (Captured together, tortured, whatever - up to you!) and are so traumatised by the memories that Charles can't bear Erik's suffering and wipes Erik's memory of the event. The only problem is that he can't do the same thing to his own memories and is stuck, with no-one who knows what they went through. Cue angst!

of course, Erik is bound to find out =D

can be AU with no beach scene or not, the erasure of memories can be with erik's consent or not, but I really want him to find out eventually. Whether he is furious or not is up to you.

I am putting this one behind the cut. With major warnings for non-consensual sex, torture, drug use, alcohol use and abuse, and very rough sex. This one is very dark and very fucked up.

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