Jun. 22nd, 2011

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Author Note: I am not sure how long this one is going to be. I will warn that there is going to be drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and self abuse within the story along with some strong language. So here is the first part

He remembered the first time it happened. It was in college. He was the youngster of the group but they accepted him because he was so damn helpful to have around at test time. It was a party that had a lot of free flowing drinks and drugs. This cute girl with amazing green eyes came to him with what looked like a sugar cube and offered it to him.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“LSD. It’s all the rage now,” she answered. He looked at her eyes which were dilated and looked a little crazed.

“Are you tripping now?”

“Yeah, wanna join me.”

He shrugged and popped the cube in his mouth letting it dissolve. He sat back in the beanbag chair with the green-eyed girl draped over him. They kissed a bit and fool around a bit. He wondered when it would kick in.

She whispered in his ear “I’ll be back. I have to go visit the powder room.” And then she giggled and got up.

Then it happened. He found himself looking at himself from above. He looked at his hands which were there and not there. For a second he wondered if he had died but he could see himself breathing.

‘I am seriously tripping’ he thought. ‘And I really need to get a hair cut.’ He wandered around the party for a while. Doors had no meaning when you are a spirit. He became very educated about various aspects of sex that evening. He was having a good time when he heard his name being shouted in his ear.

“Charles! Hey Charles! You OK man?”

He turned to see no one there but the shouting increased in volume and tempo. Then a ringing slap brought him right back to reality. His eyes opened to the relief of everyone around him.

“Dude,” said one guy, “Dude that was not cool.”

“What happened Charles?” asked his bio-chem lab partner who had invited him to tag along with him to the party. “You tripping there?”

“I was,” said Charles with a bit of a petulant tone, “Not now.”

“You scared the shit out of me,” said the green-eyed girl. “I thought I had killed you.”

Charles put two fingers to his temple and said, “Kelly, I’m fine. You didn’t kill me. It was kind of fun.”

Kelly said “Yeah it was kinda fun wasn’t it.” She flopped back into his lap and said “Just don’t scare me like that.” And she kissed him.

Later that night Charles got to try out some of the new things he learned from his wanderings on Kelly who seemed very pleased with it.

He dropped acid a couple of more time, and did it with Kelly a few more, before he realized that he didn’t need the acid to let his mind wander as it were. It was just another manifestation of his mutation. And with some practice, he could do it on his own.

One night in the hospital after a rather grueling day of physical therapy, he sat in his chair looking out the window at people walking across the hospital grounds. He rubbed his hands over his legs. The non-sensation was still weird to him. He wondered if he would every get use to it. He was getting anxious to get out of this hospital and back to his life or what was left of it.

He found himself sitting and drifting a bit and then he found himself standing next to his chair. Standing next to his chair! The joy and relief were short lived when he glanced at the chair and found himself still sitting in it but kind of slumped.

‘Ah,’ he thought. But then he took a step and it felt good. So he took another and started walking around his room. He knew that this was his mind at work but he didn’t care. He was walking. He wandered out of his room and walked around the hospital and the grounds. He ran across the grounds reveling in it. He laughed.

Then he heard the voice in his ear, “Professor, are you alright? Professor. Sullivan, go get the Doctor on call, I think he might have had some form of a stroke.”

Charles snapped back to his body and opened his eyes, “I’m fine” he said rather crisply.

The nurse jumped at the sound of his voice. “Oh thank god” she said. “I was rather worried about you. For a second there I thought…” her voice trailed off but her thoughts did not ‘you had died’ came the tail end to Charles’ brain.

“No, I must have drifted off. I have been told I can be difficult to wake when I am really asleep” said Charles with his most disarming smile.

But this time it didn’t work. He found himself under going a battery of tests to make sure that he didn’t have any blood clots or strokes or seizures. It pushed back his rehab and kept him in the hospital longer than he expected to be. Charles was frustrated with the whole thing but kept it to himself because he knew that he had a way to regain in some part what he lost.


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