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Author Note: This is what I have so far. I wanted to get it up before the next attack.

Behind the cut is the next part which is pretty much G but continues with the themes from the previous parts.

Comments are always gratefully welcome.

This time he didn’t want to open his eyes. His head felt very fragile. He tried to lift it only to find that it was strapped down. He tried to move his hands and legs with the same result. He was trusted up like a Christmas goose.

“Is anyone there?” he croaked. His throat felt raw like he had been screaming at the top of his lungs. No one responded to him. Pain set in. He was alone here. What had he done to the others?

“Charles?” came the tentative voice of Hank “Are we back?”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s him” said Raven “I promise you it’s him this time.”

“What the hell happened?”asked Charles.

“You proved yourself the most powerful mutant in the world but not in a good way” said Raven.

“Where are the others?”

Hank said after a pause “I had Azazel get them out except Erik because we couldn’t move him safely.”

“What happened to Erik?” He felt a sharp slap across his face.

“You did Charles” said Raven “And I don’t know if any of us are going to be able to forgive you for it this time.”

“What happened to Erik?” asked Charles with a slight panic building in his gut.

“You have him stab himself repeatedly. It took all of us to get the knife away from Erik and you distracted enough to sedate” said Hank rather matter of factly.

Raven started to un-strapping Charles.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? What if he strokes out again?” rumbled Hank.

Charles grabbed Raven’s hand and found himself looking at himself. He looked not well at all. His hair was a total mess. His face was more sunken than usual. He had lost more weight and his eyes looked like two holes in a blanket.

“Charles, what are you doing?” asked Hank.

Charles said “I…I can see myself through Raven’s eyes.”

“Would you mind letting her go please.”

Charles let go of Raven’s hand. He received another stinging slap from his sister “You Son of a Bitch! You promised that you wouldn’t go rattling around in my head!”

Charles put his hand to his now stinging cheek “Honestly Raven, I didn’t know. I haven’t been able to do much of anything for a while.”

“While sane!” said Raven “You can do plenty when you are not in your right mind. Maybe next time I will take you up on your offer to off you.” She stomped out of the room leaving Charles in darkness and confusion.

“Hank, I need to see Erik” said Charles holding his hand out “And I need your help to do so.”

Hank reluctantly put his hand in Charles’. Charles saw Hank’s point of view. He was amazed at the heighten sight and smell that Hank had now. Hank turned his head and Charles saw Erik. His heart fell. Erik was strapped down to the bed with an IV in one arm. His chest, arms and legs were swathed in bandages. Even with all that Charles could see that some of the wounds were seeping through the bandages. What had he done to his friend?

“Nearly killed him” came the reply from Hank. “Seen enough?”

Charles stood up on very shaky legs and crossed carefully towards where he had seen Erik. Hank took his hand and he could see again through Hank’s eyes which was a little off from where he was. Hank helped him to a chair next to Erik’s bed.

Charles took Erik’s hand in his. He said “I’m so sorry Erik. I don’t know what happened to me or what is happening to me.”

Erik stirred on his bed and gripped Charles’ hand tightly in his. Images started flooding into Charles’ head of what had been going on while he was ‘away’. He was horrified at what he saw. No wonder Raven was so ticked off at him.

Erik had been concerned after the first incident. He felt guilty enough for blinding Charles in more way than one. His bloody vendetta has cost the man he considered his best friend if not his only friend in the world. He remembers holding his friend’s limp body in his arms while Azazel bamfed them to Shaw’s stronghold at the Hellfire club in Las Vegas. He thought for a moment that Charles had stopped breathing when they arrived but Charles was still alive.

Erik sat by Charles’ bedside almost the whole time. Only when Raven or Moria forced him to get some food or just take a break did he leave but the whole time he thought about Charles.

When Charles opened his eyes, Erik’s felt such joy in his heart which quickly turned to dust as he held his friend’s hand realizing what Charles’ had lost due to his wants and needs. He watched his friend’s panic grow and did everything he could to comfort him.

There were flashes of the days that followed. Erik watching Charles struggle to adjust to his lack of sight. And the guilt knawed at Erik like a rabid badger. Erik started to notice the headaches. Charles thought he was keeping it to himself but the pain was written on his face. Erik did what he could but he could also tell that the pain was getting worse. And he had no idea what to do for Charles.

Charles let go of Erik’s hand and wiped a tear from his eye. “Erik, it wasn’t your fault. I could have let go but I didn’t. This is my fault not yours.” Erik stirred on the bed but didn’t open his eyes. Charles took Erik’s hand and continued walked through Erik’s memories in to a nightmare.
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